Modern accounting system

Modern financial and accounting software based on the needs and demands of the Afghan trade market, designed and built by a team of Afghan experts (Tutia Technology Company); Users of this system can calculate all the benefits and losses of their business based on the required financial periods; The structural context of this system is adjusted so that all parts are connected to each other, as soon as a purchase or sale is registered, the accounting and real estate parts, etc. are also updated..

Advantages of this system

Management and control

(Goods, buying, selling, wares and goods, agencies, income, expenses, employees and customers, funds and bank accounts, receivables and balances, etc. )

Accurate revenue management and measurement

(Daily, weekly, monthly, between two dates and annals)

Expenditure management and control

Revenue as (Daily, weekly, monthly, between two dates and annual)

Calculation of partners' revenue shares

Percentage participation

Employee management and control

And their salaries

Management and control of goods

And inventory of cattle

Calculate balances and claims

Goods companies

Calculating customer balances and requirements, etc. ....

Performs easily, accurately and critically in the shortest time

System capabilities

  • 1
    Usability online and offline
  • 2
    Usability in languages(Dari,Pashto and English)
  • 3
    Ability to run on any operating system (Windows,Mac and Linux)
  • 4
    Ability to manage multiple branches in different locations under a single system
  • 5
    Support (Backup)From all information(Database) Automatically
  • 6
    Easy to use environment with high speed and securityا
  • 7
    Sales through barcode reader application on smartphones
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Some features of this system

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  • Branches (unlimited)
  • Lavas (unlimited)
  • Registration of goods(unlimited)
  • Registration and management of purchasing
  • Sales Management, Factor Analysis and Returned Goods
  • Selling through barcode reader app instead of barcode system
  • Transfer of goods between representatives and goods
  • Hergdam goods inventory and dealers
  • Users (unlimited) With different qualifications
  • Measuring Units (unlimited)
  • Currencies( unlimited)
  • Monetary Fund & Bank Accounts(unlimited)
  • Languages Support (Dari, Pashto, English and German)
  • Suppliers of goods (unlimited)
  • Customers & Individuals(unlimited)
  • Namche & General Office
  • Registration of different types of uses (corporate, personal and...)
  • Percentage of participants in the discussion
  • Registration and management of employees and calculating their salaries
  • Reports of Accounts (Revenues, expenditures, inventory, capital, liquidity, demands and the rest of customers and companies supplying goods, etc. )

After sales services of the system

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Three months of free support for the system
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Free training for visitors
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Make changes according to customers' requirements
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Update and system upgrade