Network Setup

Network Installation and Configuration, relevant way for better using from system and it’s parts, and give you the ability to manage your activities like: Communicate, Data transferring, Storing, Sharing files and resources, and have access to all available devices.

We install and configure a network from scratch and debug installed networks, and we have separately approaches for their implementing and maintaining, and we will deliver all of these services in shortest possible time. Due to prevent any mistakes in the future  we plan before starting and after installation phase you will have our full support.

Tutia company provides the following services regarding network:

Hardware Services of a network:

  • Networking cabling including daket, trunk and node installation
  • Setting up server rooms and equipment installation
  • Security camera installation
  • Switch and router installation and set up
  • Designing and setting up computer networks (LAN, MAN, WAN)
  • Designing and setting up inter network wireless communications
  • ……………………………………………………..

Software services of a network:

  • Supporting and setting up servers using windows and Linux
  • Setting up server and domain, file server, supportive server, internal email
  • Virtualization and network bandwidth controlling software
  • Implementing organizational electronic post (email)
  • Implementing virtualization for hardware use
  • Setting up system monitoring and network traffic

Network Security:

  • Providing consultancy regarding data security and accessibility controls
  • Setting up internet bandwidth controlling administrations
  • Installing and setting up firewalls for communications
  • Creating periodical backups of your data and servers
  • Virus detection and setting up concentrated anti-virus with report administration
  • Providing the best solutions regarding software and hardware for network security