SEO or Web site SEO

What is web site SEO or search engine optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or web site optimization for search engines, is the process in which your web site productivity increases and would increase number of visitors of your site. SEO has many different factors, starting from the words used in your website to quality of the links that other sites provide for you. SEO means creating the website in manner that is enjoyable for users. We, with our expert team for web development, are looking to provide the highest quality and most expert services for our many customers. Choose us once, and you will be proud of your choice for ever.


We list some of our pros here:

  • Use valid and licensed analytics software.
  • Valid and sustainable monthly reports of the optimization process
  • Existence of R & D unit for following and decoding search engines’ algorithms
  • Trained and expert staff for SEO of Off Page, content and social network management
  • Activating accounts on social web sites such as Facebook, Google + and Tweeter
  • Spreading site’s contents on social networks
  • Realistic increase in site visits and traffic
  • And at the end, promising to get the promised words to the results of the first page of search engines


Site structure Optimization:

  • optimization and analyzing of Site and host speed
  • optimization and analyzing of Site’s source code
  • optimization and analyzing of Internal and external links’
  • optimization and analyzing of Images and videos
  • Creation and optimization of site’s map
  • Registration of site in search engines’ web master like Google, Yahoo and Bing


Optimization of site’s content and analyzing key words:

  • Analyzing key words and targeted words (their search rate and importance)
  • Choosing best keywords according your business
  • Optimization of site’s structure and contents according to Google’s latest algorithms
  • Analyzing your competitors in targeted and shared key words