Course Management System

As you know, the best software offers quick, accurate and easy solutions for computational and complex tasks. People are trying to turn their business process from traditional (paper) to computer with global standards. This time, the company provides specific software for easy and accurate management of tasks (training centers) in accordance with the needs and demands of the Afghan market with the following specifications:

Advantages of this system

Information Management and Control

Professors, students, staff, etc....

Preparing exam results report

And the grading of the students of each class(Success and failure)

Manage and prepare accurate reports

Revenue as ((Daily, weekly, monthly, between two dates and annual)

Accurate calculation of revenue shares

Partners in terms of percentage of partnership(Net provisions)

Employee management and control

Their salaries(Fixed, hourly and percentage salary)

Calculate employee balances and claims

Performs easily, accurately and critically in the shortest time

System capabilities

  • 1
    Usability online and offline
  • 2
    Usability in languages(Dari,Pashto and English)
  • 3
    Ability to run on any operating system (Windows,Mac and Linux)
  • 4
    Ability to manage multiple branches in different locations under a single system
  • 5
    Support (Backup)From all information(Database) Automatically
  • 6
    Easy to use environment with high speed and securityا
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Main parts of the system

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  • Students and their parents
  • Departments and Themes section
  • Departments and Themes section(Buy And Sell)
  • Staff and faculty department by calculating their salaries(Fixed, percentage and hourly)
  • Classroom section with full details
  • Exam section of students' topics or semesters showing the results of their success and failure
  • The Tajil section of the students and the students apologize
  • Certificates delivery section
  • Teachers 'and students' identity cards section
  • Expenditure Section, Partners and Shareholders
  • Revenue and shares of partners according to the percentage of partnership
  • Customer section with different qualifications
  • Reports section(Revenues, expenses, book inventory in the library, student results, etc...)

After sales services of the system

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Three months of free support for the system
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Free training for visitors
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Make changes according to customers' requirements
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Update and system upgrade